Monday, October 8, 2007

C-Span on Justice Thomas's Book Party

A few days ago, Armstrong Williams had a book party to celebrate the issuance of Justice Clarence Thomas's autobiography. Along with many VIPs, C-Span was there to film the event.

You see glimpses of Chief Justice John Roberts, Justices Scalia, Breyer, and Souter, and other influential people. Two things that I noticed: Thomas chatting cheerfully with Julian Bond of the NAACP, who is normally very unfriendly to conservatives. Then at about 17:00, the camera captures Bob Jones III, of Bob Jones University, shaking Thomas's hand. After exchanging pleasantries, Thomas says, "You know I had a difference of opinion with you guys during the early Reagan administration about [unintelligible]. So I don't want to surprise you with that. And it's just, it isn't a negative thing, but let me say hello to the Chief here." Thomas seemed quite eager to get out of the conversation.

UPDATE: David Lat live-blogged the event here.

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