Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Women Who Testified Against Anita Hill, Part VII

Here's another woman who testified against Anita Hill:
[Statement of Ms. A. Jenkins, former Secretary, EEOC]

MS. JENKINS: Chairman Biden, Senator Thurmond and other members of the committee, my name is Anna Jenkins, and I reside in Silver Spring, Maryland. I am a staff assistant in the Office of Policy Development at the White House. I was not asked by the White House to give a statement. I went to them and asked if it was okay for me to give a statement.

I have been a Federal employee since December 1965 and worked for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from May 1970 to September 1989, with intermittent details to the White House under the Carter and Reagan administrations.

I was employed as a secretary in the EEOC's Office of the Chairman in the Executive Secretariat as a staff specialist. During my tenure with the Office of the Chairman, I served under five chairpersons, William Brown, John Powell, Lowell Perry, Eleanor Holmes Norton and Clarence Thomas. In September 1989, I left the EEOC to join the Bush administration, Office of Policy Development.

When President Reagan appointed Clarence Thomas as Chairman of the EEOC, I was the only employee left in the Chairman's Office from the previous administration. Upon Judge Thomas' arrival at the agency, I worked directly for him as his secretary until his confidential assistant Diane Holt and legal assistant Anita Hill came on-board. He brought them from the Department of Education.

Prior to Anita Hill joining the staff, she appeared quite anxious to work for the EEOC. In fact, she called Judge Thomas several times to inquire about the status of her appointment.

I recall the first day Ms. Hill reported to work at EEOC. She was very pleased and excited about being able to select an office with a big picture window overlooking the Watergate Hotel and the Potomac River.

I had daily contact with Anita Hill and Judge Thomas. We shared a suite of offices consisting of a reception area, conference room, kitchen, and five offices. Judge Thomas' conduct around me, Anita Hill, and other staffers was always proper and professional. I have never witnessed Judge Thomas say anything or do anything that could be construed as sexual harassment. I never witnessed him making sexual advances toward any female, nor have I witnessed him engaging in sexually oriented conversations with women.

I have witnessed Judge Thomas and Anita Hill interact in the office. At no time did the relationship appear strained nor Anita appear uncomfortable with the relationship.

I understand that at Anita's press conference she denied knowing Phyliss Berry. I was confused by her denial, since Phyliss Berry often visited the office while Anita worked there. I have seen them exchange greetings.

In closing, I wish to emphasize that I have the highest regard and respect for Judge Thomas. In light of my experience with him and the way I have seen him conduct himself around other females, I find this harassment allegation unbelievable.
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