Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Michael Knox Beran article

A good article at the Manhattan Institute's website: Clarence Thomas, Created Equal; Liberal elites use the stigma of affirmative action to belittle a great justice:
The tragedy of affirmative action is nakedly apparent in the career of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, whose memoir, My Grandfather’s Son, was published Monday. Liberals portray Justice Thomas as a beneficiary of affirmative action. He is in fact its victim. A man of character and intellect, Thomas rose from a poverty all but incomprehensible to most Americans today. He studied for the priesthood, went to college at Holy Cross and law school at Yale, and became a distinguished lawyer and jurist. Yet the liberal mandarins have made these triumphs bitter by continually disparaging Thomas as a token appointee. His accomplishments are thus made to look dubious; the force of character and will that enabled him to rise from a shack in Pin Point, Georgia, to the United States Supreme Court, is overlooked.

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