Monday, September 24, 2007

Articles on Justice Thomas's Jurisprudence

Here are several articles on Justice Clarence Thomas's jurisprudence:

Reading the Constitution Right, by Stephen B. Presser. "Clarence Thomas’s fidelity to our founding documents is making its mark on the Supreme Court."

Justice Thomas Emerges as Court's Champion of Commercial Speech, by David L. Hudson, Jr.

Supreme Justice Ten years of Justice Thomas — and Thomas bashing, by John A. Foster-Bey.

Clarence Thomas's Challenge to the Rehnquist Court's Vision of Representative Government, by Michael C. Dorf.

Where But for the Grace of God Goes He? The Search for Empathy in the Criminal Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas, by Eric L. Muller, originally in Constitutional Commentary, Vol. 15, No. 3 (1998).

'My Rookie Years Are Over': Clarence Thomas After Ten Years, by Scott D. Gerber.

On Justice Clarence Thomas, by Stephen F. Smith (a former clerk), originally in Public Interest, 1996.

Just Another Brother on the SCT?: What Justice Clarence Thomas Teaches Us About the Influence of Racial Identity, by Angela Onwuachi-Willig, originally in
Iowa Law Review, Vol. 90, 2005.

The Court's Mr. Right, by Daniel Troy (originally in National Review, Aug. 9, 1999).

Using the Master's 'Tool' to Dismantle His House: Why Justice Clarence Thomas Makes the Case for Affirmative Action, by Angela Onwuachi-Willig, originally in Arizona Law Review, Vol. 47, 2005.

Original Thomas, Conventional Souter, by John O. McGinnis

The Emergence of Clarence Thomas, by Paul Weyrich

Defending Thomas, by Thomas Krannawitter

Clarence Thomas's Black Nationalism, by Mark Tushnet

Should Clarence Thomas Be Chief Justice. This is a lengthy online debate between Stephen Presser and Samuel Marcosson, two law professors.

The Textualism of Clarence Thomas: Anchoring the Supreme Court's Property Rights Jurisprudence to the Constitution, by Nancy Marzulla.

The Truth About Clarence Thomas; He's an independent voice, not a Scalia lackey, by Jan Crawford Greenburg

Thomas Charts a Jurisprudence All His Own, by Brent Kendall

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