Monday, September 24, 2007

Indianapolis Speech, 2000

Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks to Indianapolis Economic Club
Thursday, March 9, 2000

My wife Beverly and I were invited by Mr. and Mrs. Tom Peine to hear fifty-two year old Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas speak to civic leaders in Indianapolis.

He is the youngest justice, the next senior one being almost ten years older than him. He was appointed to the nation's highest court by President George Bush in October 1991. He is described as a literal constructionist in that he works with the National Constitution taking it in the most literal manner.

Judge Thomas mentioned how the world envies the judicial system in the United States which preserves and protects as well as our freedoms. It protects us from within and without. He mentioned how the Bill of Rights was a document written to protect us from the government.

The Supreme has 8000 cases presented to it annually, but it only hears 80 of them.

He mentioned how the justices are isolated and see each other very little through the working days. He said that the justices have a relationship where there are never any unkind words, but that they disagree and sometimes strongly.

He talked about the enduring value of the Constitution. Who could ever write such a document today? It is a short document that everyone should read periodically. It explains how our government works and we shouldn't be ignorant of how our government works.

When asked what books influenced him the most he said that the Bible was one of the most significant.

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