Monday, September 24, 2007

Audio/Video Files

In this post, I'm going to try to collect all of the audio/video files that are available on the web. Unfortunately, some of the files that were linked on my other website have now vanished.

1. C-Span's webpage on the federal judiciary has two videos about Justice Thomas -- one is an interview, and one is a profile.

2. C-Span also has this video of a 2003 visit by Justice Thomas to Banneker High School in Washington, D.C.

3. Accuracy in Media speech. (Link currently not working.)

4. This page has the full text and the audio for Justice Thomas's February 13, 2001 speech "Be Not Afraid," delivered at the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.

5. This great webpage has links to 10 sound files of events surrounding Justice Thomas's nomination to the Supreme Court. It also has lots of other sound files of other historic Supreme Court Justices, such as Warren Burger.

6. This page has three sound files related to Justice Thomas's speech for the 15th Annual Ashbrook Memorial Dinner in 1999 (an introduction, the speech, and a Q&A session).

7. Here is the audio of Justice Thomas's swearing-in ceremony.

8. The Dinner for Western Civilization: Celebrating ISI's Successful 50th Anniversary Campaign.
On Thursday, May 4, 2006, ISI celebrated the completion of its successful 50th Anniversary Campaign with ISI's 1st Annual Dinner for Western Civilization, held at the famous Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware.

During its Anniversary Campaign, the Institute raised over $76 million to promote ordered liberty and a free society on college campuses. To celebrate this accomplishment, three hundred of ISI's closest friends—students, faculty, and supporters—joined ISI's staff and trustees for a memorable evening with ISI's guest of honor, the Honorable Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice for the United States Supreme Court. Justice Thomas certainly did not disappoint. He gave an electrifying speech and took time to answer the audience's questions, much to the delight of guests.
The above link has both audio and video files of Justice Thomas's speech.

9. Here's a very short video of Thomas making his "high-tech lynching" comment at his confirmation hearing.

10. Here is a short video with excerpts from Anita Hill's testimony. It includes a portion that is devastating to Hill's credibility. Senator Alan Simpson asks Hill "why in God's name" would she follow Thomas from one job to the next and keep calling him if Thomas had really said all those things to her. Hill's answer: "That's a very good question."

11. In this video, journalist Jan Crawford Greenburg discusses how influential Justice Thomas has been.

12. Justice Thomas's Speech at Mercer University, May 1993: "The New Intolerance."

13. Here is the main 60 Minutes webpage about the September 2007 interview with Justice Thomas. Here is the full transcript. And the video itself is available in two parts, here and here.

14. This page has links to the video clips of Jan Crawford Greenburg's September 2007 interview with Justice Clarence Thomas.

15. Armstrong Williams had a book party to celebrate the issuance of Justice Clarence Thomas's autobiography. Along with many VIPs, C-Span was there to film the event.

16. C-Span's Q&A (Brian Lamb) interviewed Justice Thomas about his book and his life on October 7, 2007. The video and transcript are available here.

17. In October 2007, Bill Bennett interviewed Justice Thomas on his radio show. The MP3 was posted by the Claremont Institute here.

18. On his radio show, Mark Levin interviewed Justice Clarence Thomas on October 10, 2007. The interview is available via four sound files here.

19. Justice Clarence Thomas was interviewed by Laura Ingraham (one of his early clerks) on her radio show in October 207. She mentions that it is the "first live interview" that he's ever done. The audio is available here.

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