Monday, September 24, 2007

The Confirmation Hearings

Here are the transcripts from Justice Thomas's confirmation hearings. Here's another valuable site with key links to the testimony of female witnesses, all of whom supported Thomas. And here is the Library of Congress's compilation of the official Congressional Record pages not just for the hearings about Clarence Thomas but for many other Supreme Court Justices as well (warning: large PDF files).

* * *

Though it is commonly thought to this day that the Senate was too "rough" on Anita Hill, it is instructive to read the actual questioning that Hill received by Arlen Specter. Specter was actually much kinder than a real lawyer would have been in a courtroom.

Even so, he manages to expose many contradictions, inconsistencies, and unbelievable statements in Hill's testimony. An unbiased reader will be left with the impression that Hill was likely not telling the truth. Too many things just don't add up about her story, and too many women who worked with both Hill and Thomas wholeheartedly believed Thomas. Plus, since when does a fact witness who is not herself at any legal risk show up with literally a dozen attorneys to tell her what to say?

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