Monday, September 24, 2007

Justice Thomas Autobiography Coming Soon

Justice Thomas to finally tell his story
Publisher pays handsomely for his memoirs

September 23, 2007



WASHINGTON -- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas can count his memoir a success of sorts, even before the cash registers start ringing.

In one week, Thomas' book will hit the stores. The Oct. 1 publication of "My Grandfather's Son" coincides with the start of the high court's 2007-08 term. It also spotlights a justice known for both controversy and public reticence.

"It's the truth," longtime Thomas friend Armstrong Williams said, "versus what people have written when they haven't even sat down to talk with him."

Many others have tried plumbing the depths of the Supreme Court's lone African-American member, ever since his incendiary 1991 Senate confirmation hearings. The Library of Congress catalog already contains at least 20 biographies, anthologies and jurisprudential analyses focused on Thomas.
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Here is Amazon's page for the autobiography.

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