Monday, September 24, 2007

Thomas's Clerks

Here is a complete list of Justice Thomas's clerks (as well as those of other Justices).

This is an article about 3 Northwestern graduates who did Supreme Court clerkships. One of them -- Wendy (Stone) Long -- clerked for Justice Thomas, and describes briefly her experience. Appended to the end of the article is the story of Wendy and her husband, Arthur Long, another Thomas clerk.

Arthur Long also gave a brief lecture at his alma mater St. Bernard's school, in which he described life at the Supreme Court. He had this to say about Justice Thomas:
I found working for him to be constant pleasure. It is unfortunate that Supreme Court Justices must lead such private lives, because glimpses one has of them in the public sphere can be so misleading, Justice Thomas is a man of great intellectual interests, eager to discuss, for example, Dickens' Mrs. Jellybelly or the French Revolution. He thinks that all children should learn Latin. He encourages the free and open discussion of cases among his law clerks, although, as I can well testify, he frequently rejects their recommendations (while taking great care not to hurt their feelings). He has an extraordinary humility that is extremely refreshing in an era of increasing pride and self-display. Justice Thomas has a great dedication to the ideals on which this nation was founded and to the Constitution that embodies those ideals.

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